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Club Fields and Other Locations

Nicolet Airport

The Club flying field is located on the Nicolet Airport, a private grass airstrip just east of the city of Green Bay on Humbolt Road (County N). Heading east on Humbolt road, the field is 7/10th of a mile east of the intersection of county QQ. A large Club sign marks the access road just off of Bins Court. The club currently leases a ten acre parcel on the North-South runway of the airport and has permanent facilities located about midway on the runway. We relocated our flying field to a ten acre parcel on the southeast corner of the airport's property. Construction will began mid July, 2012. This will be a great move not only for our current members but our prospective members seeking a premier flying environment.

Our new field offers a generous, well maintained and manicured landing and take off area with safety protected areas for pitting the planes while protecting spectators and pilots. The surrounding fly-over area is mostly crop fields with no obstructions. We have two large runways offering an unobstructed approach from the north and south or east and west. Both runways are approximately 660 feet long by 300 feet wide and a newly completed club house.

Though our field is located on a private airstrip and shared with full scale aircraft, safety is maintained with a clear understanding that model aircraft always yield to full scale aircraft operating in the area of the airport. Therefore, it is highly recommended that RC pilots fly with an observer. The field is closed to flying during the deer gun hunting season.