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Flight Instruction Program

Flight Instruction Program


The objective of our flight instruction program is to provide qualified instructors who will assist student pilots in determining aircraft airworthiness and to give subsequent flight instruction leading to consistent and safe flight without supervision. An instructor, at their discretion, may elect not to fly a student's plane based on concerns about airworthiness, weather considerations, instructor's ability, and other pertinent considerations. Instructors are not liable in any way for damage to the student's aircraft or other equipment. Instructors also have the responsibility to verify that the student is a current AMA member prior to any student flying.

It is the student's responsibility to call an instructor and set up a time to fly. Please call by Thursday evening for normal Saturday instructions. Instructions are generally between 10:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. but can be any day and time that is mutually agreed upon.

When preparing for a lesson, please remember to charge your receiver and transmitter batteries, repair broken plane parts and faulty equipment, and have an ample supply of fuel, glow plugs and propellers.