Member Notices

October 22, 2015 -- The following is proposed to be added to the GBMAC By-Laws:

2.02 (f) Member classifications 2.02 (a) and (b) are subject to a one month probationary period before full new membership status is granted. Probationary members will be expected to follow all existing Club rules, both flying and demeanor toward others. A simple majority vote of the Board of Directors immediately following the probationary month will determine the suitability of the probationary member for regular Club membership. If a probationary member is denied regular membership, their right to use the Club facility will cease 2 days after written notice of membership denial is mailed to the address listed by them on their application and any Club dues paid by them at the time of commencing their probationary membership will be returned with the denial letter. There is no right to appeal the decision of the board to deny membership. Probationary members are not permitted to vote on club matters.

Website Notes

The club's website is being redesigned to integrate it with the club's new database. The database will allow us to have individual login credentials and eventually have access to and the ability to change your own info that the club maintains as your club record. This info includes your e-mail address, phone number, address, etc. If some of this info changes you will have the ability to sign on to your GBMAC web account and update your info. In the future you will be able to cast a ballot on important matters before the club such as election of officers and changes to the clubs by-laws.

This means that features will be added as I get them done, so check back often. I'll try to remember to post the latest changes right here on this page.

Club members have asked for a method to define their own user names and to be able to change their passwords. This feature is done and can be accessed under the "Members Only/Member Profile" menu item.

Items on my list of features to impliment are:

  • Impliment of a picture album
  • Online voting
  • Online forms (such as the membership renewal form)

I will be happy to consider any useful function that the membership requests. Just leave me an e-mail at

Dave Sauer